江苏齐丰重工有限公司组建于1958年,历经近半个世纪的风雨历程, 公司经济基础及技术力量有了长足的进步,公司厂区占地面积33862平方米,建筑面积1 8356平方米, 员工200余人。

本公司位于经济发达的长三角地区, 地理位置优越,南邻国际大都市上海,西接国内名城泰州、扬州,交通便捷,公司1小时车程内达苏通大桥、 海港、洋口港两大港口。本公司地处中国建材设备制造产业基地(中国·海安),产品齐全,业务范围遍及国内25个省、市自治区,水泥机械产品出口越南、 菲律宾等东南亚国家和非洲多国。 目前,我公司为适应建筑产业现代化的需要,研发的装配式建筑预构件模具畅销江、 浙、 沪等地区, 深受用户好评。



Established in1958, Jiangsu Qifeng Heavy lndustries Co.,Ltd., after undergoing half a century of trials and hard-ships, has achieved sustainable progress of economic and technological power. The company has a plant covering a floor area of 33,862 m2, and a construct1on area of 18,356 m2, and a workforce of more than 200 employees.

Located in the highly developed Yangtze River Delta, the company has a favorable geographical location, which is adjacent to Shanghai, an international cosmopolitan, in the south, and borders Taizhou and Yangzhou, two famous Chinese cities, in the west. The transportation here is convenient. The one-hour drive circle of the company covers Sutong  Bridge, Yanhai Port and Yangkou Port. The China Building Material Manufacturing Base(Hai' an, China) where it is set up has guaranteed a complete range of its products. Currently, the company' s business has reached 25 prov- inces, cities and autonomous regions. its cement machinery products have even been exported to Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam and Philippines, and many African countries. in response to modernization of the building industry, the company has developed the fabricated building component mold, which is selling well in Zhejiang, Jiangsu  and Shanghai, and has won high praises from users.

Business scope: Assembly building component mold; expressway anti_collision wall, bridge column and cross-beam; full set of equipment and technical services for grinding, calcination, oil extraction, breaking, dust collection, transmission and lifting of enterprises in such fields, including metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, mine, coa1, petroleum and environment.

Main business: Full set of building material machinery lime kiln general contracting projects (200t,300t, 400t, 600t, 800t and 1,000t vertical preheater and cooler); assembly building component mold; steel mold for pro- fessional production of the steel structure plant and villa and for various bridge beams and buildings.

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